Taskmanager system

Unfortunately we are not able to relieve you from this work, but we can certainly help by organizing the workload, so you can concentrate on the essentials.  Delegate work, set realistic goals/targets and deadlines, control the progress and always have a clear view on the cost of the projects.  With the “cloud based NEM Task management” this will be no problem.  The only requirement is access to the internet and with that you can manage your area of responsibility from where ever you are.

CRM system

Get to know your Customer from a new point of view and increase your knowledge about your target group i.e. who buys when and how much. Where is my market and what products will sell the best. What does the Customer want and how can I increase the value. These are questions that will accelerate the success of your business.
If you have the DATA and facts today you will be prosperous and marketable tomorrow. Use our CRM system and upgrade the value of your business with simple features.

Content management system

You want to publicize information via the internet without going through a web designer or programmer? You are looking for an editorial system, which permits you to work with your coworkers on different times and various locations? Then feel free to test our “CMS management system” and find out how simple it is for a group to rapidly achieve solutions that are professionally prepared and distributed.

Web development

You are working in a niche market with very special framework conditions and you are looking for specific solutions that the average software market will not be able to provide? In this case the solution for you is our “NEM web development.” We will develop Customer made software designed for your special needs/requirements. We will be satisfied after your vision of the solution is implemented 100%. In the best scenario we will have a continuous partnership/Cooperation agreement and naturally we will continue to assist you with further updates and adjustments. We will escort you as a turnkey provider from the first stroke of the brush to the ultimately planned and functional final vision.