Company information

On first site the NEM is a relatively young Software smith

but we have to say that we are founded on a “Management buy out” of a software firm.  The former executive did not see any requirement to develop software for the Niche Market.  The effort and the rigid structure made it almost impossible for the concern to act quick and flexible on the market and to implement short term plans.  A handful of dedicated founders of the former management decided the buy out and therefore placed the foundation stone for NEM.

Project solution/controlling

The NEM works in within the method of agile project solution and project controlling.  That means after clear definition of the goal it will be worked out iteratively.  Due to this method the complete process accelerates and that means you will save time and money

Customers of NEM

Well known Manufactures from all branches are our customers.  We support video demand portals as well as social network and advertisement agencies.  A main focus is set on the E-Commerce with all its possible facets, because we will deliver the matching port for this “open source product”.

Company headquarters

Due to cooperation with strategically located partners, we choose Barbados for our company headquarters.  This is the domicile of our management and from here the individual sections i.e. programming, design, distribution and marketing are controlled. These sections are located internationally in small offices.

Company philosophy

Our philosophy is not geared to sell the costumer a one time product.  We strive to enter a long lasting partnership, since our system solutions are scaleable as well as modular useable.  That means if you need more performance/service we can guarantee this.  The same naturally in reverse.

Are you ready for expansion?

Get to know us and together we will see what teamwork can look like.  In a personnel conversation we can quickly find together and plan/program your company’s expansion.

“The thinking human will change his mind” (Kurt Tucholsky)
With this in mind maybe it would be advisable to overlook your own process from time to time and see if you are still on the planned path, or if it would be better to try another option.

We will gladly assist you with the functional description.