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“I hear and forget, I see and retain, I handle and understand”

Based loosely on above citation we will certainly exercise and train the handling of the software with you.  With our free of cost tutorials everyone will be able to exhaust all potentials of the software.  If there should be any problem you are welcome to use our intern WIKI and access teaching materials provided there.  If this is not satisfactory we will personally assist you at our 24 hours 7 days a week (24/7) service either by skip, live chat, telephone or any other way.


Our experience will be your advantage

What ever your competitor has planed for tomorrow – was done by you yesterday!

Often the question arises whether a service or project should be handled internally or externally.  So, why not use external experience if for instance internal resources would be tied up for a long time and the core competence that is earning money can not be followed through with full energy.  With the experience in web based programming of duty-/ work-application the “NEM Inc.” will stand by your side and advise you.  Contact us and decide for yourself whether or not it is easier for you to purchase additional services.  We will show you when it will make sense to commission us and what you can expect from us:

aTop Quality

Whether layouts, functions or handling:  we will provide you with a standard that is unequaled in our branch.

cSupport 24/7

You are working on a difficult subject and are not able to continue?  Our English and German speaking qualified support will be available 24/7.

bLower cost = increased profit

Our products will help you lower/reduce the cost in your administration as well as in your productive section.

dSecurity in your company

All solutions are tested against assaults.  To guarantee a high security standard you have the authority to give out access rights.

Special problems are our daily business

Analyse / Plan / Apply

Contact us to discuss your problem.  We will take time to find solutions and together we will verify its feasibility/viability.  Should we make a deal we will begin the planning and scheduling and simultaneously with the first implementations.  Agile project management and software development decreases the time of production significantly.

Many experts – one solution

Our team of experts from various category groups like design, programming and development can construct individual solutions and will therefore optimize the prowess to achieve the maximum.